Premium Building Inspections
Our Premium Building Inspection reports include:
  • The interior of the building – ceilings, walls, floors, windows, doors & frames, kitchen, bathroom, WC, ensuite, laundry, stairs and damp problems.
  • The exterior of the building – walls (including lintels, claddings, doors & windows), timber or steel frames and structures, chimneys, stairs, balconies, verandas, patios, decks, suspended concrete floors and balustrades.
  • The roof exterior – roof (including tiles, shingles & slates, roof sheeting, gables, flashings), skylights, vents, flues, valleys, guttering, downpipes, eaves, fascias and barges.
  • The roof space – roof covering, roof framing, sarking, party walls and insulation.
  • The sub-floor space – timber floor (including supports, floor, ventilation, drainage, damp) and suspended concrete floors.
  • The property within 30 metres of the house and within the boundaries of the site: car accommodation, detached laundry, abluation facilities and garden sheds, retaining walls (where supporting other structures and landscaping retaining walls >700mm high), paths & driveways, steps, fencing (excluding swimming pool fences), surface water (drainage effectiveness).
What is included in the Report?
A pre purchase building and property inspection report is approximately 18 pages and includes the following:
  • A description of the property.
  • A summary of any safety hazards, major and minor defects.
  • A detailed “area by area” description of any safety hazards, major and minor defects found at the property including photographs.
  • Recommendations for further investigation.
  • A conclusion on the overall condition of the property. This compares the building with a property of a similar type and age.